Causes of constipation during pregnancy and how to overcome it

Difficulty defecating or constipation is one condition that often occurs in pregnant women, and usually appears in the second trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, it is important for Mother to find out the causes of difficult bowel movements during pregnancy and how to overcome them. There are several things that cause difficulty in bowel movements during pregnancy. One of them is an increase in the hormone progesterone which affects muscle relaxation, thus slowing intestinal movements. This makes the process of digestion of food becomes longer and ultimately causes constipation. Pregnant women who experience constipation will experience flatulence, feces become hard, and do not defecate regularly. Cause of Defecation during Pregnancy In addition to the increase in the hormone progesterone, there are several other factors that can cause constipation during pregnancy, namely: Enlarged uterus As pregnancy increases, the fetus also develops and makes the uterus enlarge. The larg
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